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33 attractions and shows

At Walibi, you will find many opportunities to express your joy, your surprise, your admiration or your shivers ... In short, your WAAA!!

Discover Mystic, the 100% vertical attraction in the voodoo district of Festival City or Hurricane and the Balloon Race on the docks of the colorful city. Take a ride on Explorer Adventure and board Timber, MonORail and Volt-O-Vent. Explore Exotic Island and cool off in the new attraction : Tiki Academy !

Balloon race
Tiki Academy

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Bambooz River

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Standard ticket prices 2023

Full price measured shod
Big Guest (130cm and more) 37,00€
Little Guest (100 to 129cm) 31,00€

Ticket Prices Not Dated 2023

Ticket Not Dated 20 tickets minimum - One price 30,00€
Restaurant vouchers Usable in all the restoration points of the park - 2 different values 7,00€ 12,00€

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